Hair Services

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Hair Services

Hair is the soul of one’s outlook, it often define our first impression to the looker. Having the right stylist to perfect your hair style, color and shape is important. Therefore, at Debeau, we only provide the best service you can find in town.

Hair Cut by Styling Director

Hair Cut by Master Stylist

Colour (2 hrs)

Highlight (2 hrs)

Hair Treatment (1 hr)

Shampoo Blow / Set (45 mins)

Relaxation Energy Head Massage (45 mins)

Dual Tone Colour/ Multi Tone (2.5 Hrs)

Colour Concept(2 hrs)

R & R Magical Perm (3.5 Hrs)

Ceramic Magic Power Setting Perm (3 hrs 30 mins)

Ripples of Romance (2 hrs 30 mins)

Rebonding / Keratin

Creative Japanese Perm (3 hrs 30 mins)