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Eye & Lip Services

Looking sharp and contrasting is important for each ladies’ feature. Our beauticians are trained by a top-notch master from Singapore.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow define our facial features, therefore, a natural and sharp looking eyebrow provide us with a better image and sharper look. Impress your friends today with our natural eyebrow embroidery service.

Eyeliner Embroidery

Similar to eyebrow, eyeliner will enhance our ability to look focus, sharp and beautiful. Be sure you will leave our salon with confidence!

Lip Embroidery

Do you always feel you can have a thicker and filled lips? Do you always spend precious time putting up lipstick? With our lip embroidery service, you can achieve both! Not only will save time, you will also look the best after our lip embroidery service. Come and be your own judge!

Master Jing Jing

Master Jing Jing is the principal of Singapore beauty embroidery school, with US accredited embroidery ITEC teaching license and Singapore ACTA approved embroidery lecturer. She is also invited to be judge at international embroidery competition.

With such experience and expertise, our beauticians underwent training by her to ensure we deliver the best services to our customers.

Master Jing Jing Certifications

Let us take a look at her credentials and certificates.