About Us

Relax. Release. Rebalance.

“At Dé Béau Wellness Centre, you are promised to get the best service from us”

Premier Business and Beauty Centre’s concept is not just the beauty services, it also include the business centre.
The business centre can be patronised along with family, friends and business partners. The facilities are catered for entertainment, birthday parties or any celebration of special occasions. It can also be a venue to host business partners from overseas.


Beauty Treatments

Dedicated to women’s wellbeing and empowerment. Dé Béau Wellness Centre takes pride in being the premier for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and goals who want to achieve their ultimate beauty and health.
We invite you to enter a world where we help you flourish, transform and re-discover your vitality. Experience a luxury wellness journey with us. You will be pampered and relish in time to relax, with an experienced team to look after you. Dé Béau Wellness Centre fuses the rejuvenating and restorative services of a wellness centre with the best of Eastern and Western beautiful therapies.
Bringing you state-of-the-art skin care technology, and exclusive to Myanmar with therapies only available at Dé Béau Wellness Centre, we offer a range of the finest quality European beauty treatments and products from singapore and switzerland. A pioneering singapore cosmetics company, specialising in “cosmeceutical” therapies. These techniques have recently been developed by usa and swiss dermatological scientists and through modern technology we bring you a new level to beauty.


Manicure & Pedicure

Dé Béau Wellness offer a wide range of manicure and pedicure services to ensure you look the best at all times.

Our nail treatment services includes manicure, pedicure, gel and colour.


Eye and Lip service

Looking sharp and contrasting is important for each ladies’ feature. Our beauticians are trained by a top-notch master from Singapore.


Hair Services

Hair is the soul of one’s outlook, it often define our first impression to the looker. Having the right stylist to perfect your hair style, color and shape is important. Therefore, at Debeau, we only provide the best service you can find in town.

Why us?

“A sense of bliss, balanced and beautiful life and that state of well-being. Get back to simply feeling good about your mind and soul. In addition to below treatments, Dé Béaux Relax boasts a wide selection of various treatments founded on Traditional Chinese Tuina and Myanmar well-being practices.”

Our Belief

We believe strongly in providing our customers with the best service, be attentive to individual needs and meeting all expectation with proven results.

Satisfying our clients

Nothing come close to seeing our customer leave our place with full satisfaction. We heed every feedback on our professionalism, services as well as environment, and improve in every way we possibly can to ensure you are willing to revisit us again.

Relaxation. No longer a dream, but a reality

Come experience the secrets of relaxation here at Dé Béau Wellness Centre